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Easy to grow orchid plants
Our handpicked, high quality orchid plants are easy to grow. They require little care and are perfect for Urban homes

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Let your life bloom
Our orchid plants are very rewarding and bloom frequently. A wide range of colours and types available

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We help you grow them too
We don't just sell plants. We help you grow them too. Starting from an easy plant care cheat sheet, we encourage our customers to reach out when they want any help with the plants

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Have been buying orchids for close to two years now and have never been disappointed. Unlike other places what u get is guidance for growing and keeping orchids healthy. Keep up the good work and thanks a lot for staying connected to see that ur babies grow in their new homes

Balaji Parthasarathi One of our happy customers since 3 years

Have you grown an Orchid yet? Buy one plant, get hooked for life…

With a wide range of hybrids and cultivars, some of them thrive without any direct sunlight and some on the other hand like a nice beating down by the sun. Starting from as small at 1-inch pots, Orchids can just be hung on your Patio or out up against a wall on your balcony or just hung from the roof of your balcony. Like any pet, all that it takes to grow is to know what type of orchid it is and what its needs (which are basic) are.

We shall help demystify these plants and grow them in your home. Starting with suggesting you the right type based on your preferences, available space, sunlight and weather in your city. Orchid lovers at heart, we love our Orchids as much as we love our customers. So we will offer you all the support to keep your Orchidaceae happy so they can give you years of happiness through their mesmerizing flowers.

Buy a plant from us and we shall help you grow it by providing you with the right information about them, what they like and how to take care of them. We also provide the right orchid fertilizer, orchid pots, orchid potting media, orchid clips and everything else to keep the little beauties happy. For the first time in India, we provide after sales support for our orchid plants to enthusiasts. Our beauties, best suited for the Urban Indian home are sure to take your breath away with their beauty…

Grow one and they grow on you… Get addicted to one of God’s most beautiful creations…