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It was spring and love was in the air. She showed him the beautiful, pink Tabebuia rosea strewn on the sides of the road. He had seen this before, this time though their beauty struck him and life was never the same again.

Soon we were married and started growing flowering plants... Roses, Geranium, Jasmine, Hibiscus, you name it and we grew them. Oh yes, we did still have a weakness for pink.

We chanced upon an orchid, and yes that was pink too.

We realized that while some nurseries sold orchids, no one gave support on growing them. Nurseries were more keen on selling what they had than suggesting ones that would work for a home grower.



  • By then our home was full of orchids when our new orchidist Shreya joined us.

    Thats when we founded the Urban Orchid Boutique. With the aim to spread the joy of orchid plant growing, we decided on selling easy to grow plants suited for urban Indian homes aptly called Urban Orchids.

    Today we not only sell orchids but also help our customers grow them. We have customers across the country and have even supplied plants to the JW Marriott, Bangalore, Novotel, Hyderabad, ITC Lifesciences and many other prestigious clients.

    This is us...

    We welcome you to the Urban Orchid family. Feel free to visit us or call us with the contact information below