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Yellow dendrobium orchidAll orchid plants are born equal but only some become Urban Orchids…

Orchids unlike many other plants are so diverse and the ideal requirement like light, water, temperature, humidity and nutrition vary based on the hybrid. Most orchids are born and grown from their seedling stage in green houses which have climate control and even lights so that their needs are met exactly. When they leave the nursery, they are directly exported across the world and even to some of the nurseries that offer them for sale. The repotting, for growing them is done by the local nursery where every orchid is practically treated the same and is repotted in similar potting mixes and pots which is never ideal. Moreover, the plants normally are not even acclimatized to their new natural surrounds before which they are sold to you and they eventually struggle to cope up with the sudden frequent changes. This leads to what some call the ‘nursery syndrome’ where your healthy plant from the nursery becomes a very unhealthy one at home within no time.

An Urban Orchid is different. While it’s born in similar green houses, it is repotted in the highest quality of potting mixes and pots as suitable for the particular hybrid. Subsequently, they are grown for a period of time till they bloom or give out blooming spikes or sometimes grow new shoots. Once acclimatized to the normal variables of a city and they show healthy signs of growth, the plant is ready to ship to our customers. We also offer you a plant information sheet which will give you the details of the plant and its requirements. The Urban Orchid Boutique also offers you online support if ever your plant is in distress and in the worst case if you plant is ever in a very poor state, we even offer plant rescue services where our expert team would repot and restore the plant, grow it in our place for sometime till they show healthy signs once again and then return them to you. Our standard potting mix in which our orchids come should last for a year or even more, subsequent to which we can offer you more potting mix if you so require to repot the orchid.

Out of the 1000s of types of orchids, we are TUOB only select easily grow able hybrids which are suited to an Urban Indian home. We also do customized installation of plants, provide planters, tools, fertilizers, pesticides and all that you may need for keeping your orchid happy. When you buy an Urban Orchid, you can rest assured that you are not alone and the TUOB team will always be there for the wellbeing of your plant. Whether it be pests or drying of leaves, if you are concerned, drop in a line with the photo of the plant and we shall be available to address your concern.

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So here’s the fine print in boldoncidium orchid

  • If you try really hard and succeed in killing these hardy plants, we can’t help it. They are mystical not immortal.
  • Please read and understand the Plant Profile carefully before you decide where to place your Urban Orchid, water it etc.
  • The Plant Profile has been tried and tested and has worked for all our plants. If in doubt please free to contact us.
  • The Urban Orchid is potted in the right pot and potting mix according to it’s requirement. Please think carefully before tampering with it. Inspect the potting mix every month and contact us if it has deteriorated.
  • While an Urban Orchid is easy to maintain, you will need to observe and take care of them them regularly to see that they are showing the right signs of growth. Anything out of place and we can tell you what to do.
  • We can help cure and revive ailing plants even if they have not been bought from us. This is a paid service and would depend on the condition of the plant and the efforts we have to take to revive it. Please send us an email with the photo of the plant for details.