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We are an exclusive nursery and our available orchid plants keep changing. Please let us know your requirements and we shall contact you with various orchid plants available now.

The broad range of orchid plants that we have


Phalaenopsis – Perfect indoor orchids

Easy to grow, our amazing range of Urban Orchids, Phalaenopsis  are perfectly happy indoors. A bright dining or living room table or even your cabin in the office is ideal for these beauties. With some of the longest lasting blooms, they come in colours ranging from White to Pink to Orange. With every passing bloom, the flowers grow larger and even give two or more flowering spikes at the same time.

mini dendrobium orchid

Dendrobiums – Perfect beginner’s orchids

Some of the most commonly used cut orchids today, Dendrobiums are perfectly happy in a sunny balcony and bloom around 4 times a year with blooms lasting a couple of months. Dendrobiums are very hardy and adapt well, grow fast and are very rewarding plants. Contact us for details of plants available.



Tolumnias - mini orchids

Tolumnias – Mini plants max flowers

Miniauture plants – Tolumnias in bloom are perfect for any small space in your table and with their splendid colourful bloom, they will bowl over the whole room with their cheer. They are easy to grow miniature orchids which gives out about 20 flowers in a single spike.

gastrochilus orchid plant

Exotic Species

These are orchids that were presented to the queen from the deep dark forests. Bounty hunters hunted for them and today we give you easy to grow ones for your growing pleasure. A handpicked collection of various exotic species which are available. Most of them are fragrant and are already acclamatized to urban environments. We also have bare root species. Please email us for more details…