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Born to bloom, Orchids, one of the oldest plants in the world come in over 25000+ known species and 100,000+ hybrids and cultivars.

Phalaenopsis orchid

Orchid flowers with an aura of mysticism around them come in a wide range of colours and are often fragrant. Contrary to common belief, they are easy to grow plants and perfectly suited to add colour to the Urban home.

An Orchid’s bloom can last for 1 – 3 months depending on the species and the size of the plant. Their splendid colours, mystical structure and mesmerizing fragrance (some don’t have any and some even have an odour), make them the perfect show-stopper in any urban interior. Be it home or office, the very sight of an Orchid plant in bloom is guaranteed to bring a smile to the onlooker’s face. An Orchid plant is a perfect gift for someone special. Every time the plant blooms, let us assure you from our experience that you will be remembered fondly! We hear from our first customer that every time the Orchid blooms, he gets a call from his boss (whom he gifted it to) and that’s the best conversations that they share!

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