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Yellow antelope Dendrobium orchid plant


Yellow antelope Dendrobium orchid plant with flowers and/or buds

Handpicked, high quality orchid plant

Easy to grow, supported by us

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Dendrobium orchid plant, easy to grow frequently blooming and totally lovable.

Awe your guests, make your self smile, make your neighbours jealous, or simply because you love it. Whatever your reason may be, this plant is a must have for anyone growing orchids.

They are easy to grow orchid plants and bloom frequently. Some of the most commonly used cut orchid flowers today, Dendrobium orchids are perfectly happy in a sunny balcony and bloom around 4 times a year with flowers lasting a couple of months in most parts of India. Dendrobiums are very hardy orchids and adapt well, grow fast and are very rewarding plants.

Each plant is carefully handpicked of the highest quality and come with an easy to follow cheat sheet to help you take care of it.

So what are you waiting for? Buy one, get hooked for life!!!

We don’t just sell orchids, we help you grow them too!!!

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Yellow antelope Dendrobium orchid plant


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