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Awesome plants !!! Great service !!!! Reasonable Price !!! Team is extremely professional and helpful in giving quality advice in maintaining orchids !!! They would share the detailed plant profile, care instructions along with all the orders which would make the life of most orchid keepers easy !!!! All in all a very nice place to shop orchids !!!! Team you ROCK !!!!

Balaji Parthasarathi – 25.06.16 –
Have been buying orchids for close to two years now and have never been disappointed. Unlike other places what u get is guidance for growing and keeping orchids healthy. Keep up the good work and thanks a lot for staying connected to see that ur babies grow in their new homes

Sandeep Sandy‎ 25.06.16– Dendrobium orchids in bloom customer feedbackMy new orchids from urban orchid boutique r so nice its been over 30days I brought, all r still healthy, nice bloom my mom liked it. Its a niOncidium orchids in bloom customer feedbackce place to buy orchids…

Sandeep Sandy 25.06.16
My 1st Oncidium Dancing Lady Orchid Yellow completed its 25 days of bloom, its still rocking, thanks for urban Orchid boutique



Vineet Panchbhaiyye‎ -22.11.13 – Tolumnia orchid – Tolumnia bloom from the plant I gifted my mom. Your suggestion for keeping the plant moist when they were for 4 days works. Thanks! 🙂


Phal Orchid customerSasmita Nayak 30.12.2013
Thank you guys to give me such a lovely Orchid for my home








Dendrobium orchid in bloom feedbackDheerankur Upasak 06.02.14 The first Orchid from The Urban Orchid BoutiqueDendrobium orchid in bloom feedback2






mini dendrobium orchid plant feedbackBhuvaneswari Janardhanam
‎ 20.02.14 Thanks for the wonderful Orchid. I was so happy that I could give this gift to my hubby on Valentine day.








Dendrobium orchids in bloom customer feedback2Nishan Dsouza‎ 10.05.2015 –  Thank you for this beautiful collection of easy to grow orchid plants